French tourists increased in Portugal

The Algarve has received this year many more French than usual. The Arab spring in some Maghreb countries Gauls led many to prefer the south of Portugal.

Portugal Car Hire | Algarve Car Hire | French touristsThe French tourists enjoy the beaches and the friendliness of the Portuguese.

Foreign tourists spent in Portugal 475 million euros in the first four months of the year, representing an increase of approximately 15% over the same period last year.

The data released by Visa Europe show that French tourists are contributing most to the amount of expenses incurred in the country, with nearly 100 million euros spent.

Also the Car Hire companies in Portugal noted an increase of rented cars by french tourists in Portugal and in the Algarve.

Also the expenditure of visitors from Angola and Mozambique fired earlier this year: the Angolans spent more than 87 million Mozambicans and more than 10 million, representing an increase of 78%.

The study also reveals that the cash withdrawals totaled 220 million euros between January and April this year.

Also according to Visa Europe, consumers have made significant cuts in airlines and spent at least 10% over the same period last year. Tourists also cut down on food and drink, with a 2% fall recorded.

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