• Car hire trend for 2011

    Finally some good news for holidaymakers - car hire industry experts predict that the cost of hiring a car will be significantly cheaper in 2011 than in the last couple of years, where prices have rocketed by as much as 500% in top summer destinations. Holiday Autos, the UK’s leading leis
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  • Buying property in the Algarve

    Have you ever thought about purchasing a property in Portugal, and in particular the Algarve? Since Algarve has a wide assortment of townhouses, apartments, and villas, to make a selection from it will not be too hard to make the right choice for you. Algarve is a beautiful area with its mild an
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  • About the Algarve

    Algarve is the shouthmost region of Portugal and is known as the main portuguese region for holiday makers from around the world. Algarve is in for a treat. If you seek a life involving meals that last for hours, long walks on the beach and in the mountains, and a climate that allows you to spend a
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  • Multi-million investment to boost Algarve tourism

    A record-breaking budget of around €7 million has been approved by the Algarve Tourism Association (ATA)’s General Assembly (AG) to promote the Algarve internationally in 2010. Nuno Aires, president of the Algarve Regional Tourism Entity (ERTA) as well as of the ATA, said that in comp
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  • East Algarve property market getting back up

    Proluna Real estate is an established licensed real estate agent with 5 years of experience in the property market in the East Algarve. In the following article they give their views on the current property market in the East Algarve, being the areas of Tavira, Cabanas, manta rota, Altura and Praia
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  • Fly from Faro from 1 euro

    It’s already begun but only for a limited period. Flying from Faro for just one euro, but it’s not for everyone. It’s only for those who use the Internet. The Irish airline Ryanair has launched a campaign which started at 00.00 on Tuesday and ends at 24.00 on Thursday, making 5
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  • New airport in Beja

    Tourism in the Alentejo could be on the verge of an unprecedented boom as work on the future Beja airport nears conclusion. It will be the culmination of a €33 million investment to convert a former military base into a international civil airport that is of strategic importance for both region
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  • Hollywood stars in the Algarve in 2010

    A remake of the Steve McQueen classic Le Mans, starring Brad Pitt, Al Pacino and Penelope Cruz, is due to be filmed in Portugal next year. “The filming will essentially take place in Portimão, but some scenes will also be filmed in Lisbon, Porto and Aveiro,” said Artur Curado, exe
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  • Portugal is world’s most welcoming country

    According to a Human Development Report by the United Nations, Portugal comes out tops when welcoming and integrating legal immigrants. It was the country that received the best classification with regards to rights and services awarded to foreign residents out of 60 countries in the report’s
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  • Portugal hoping to attract F1 to Algarve circuit

    Portugal hopes a new 200 million euro (149 million pound) circuit being built in the Algarve tourist region can bring Formula One back to the country. Circuit director Paulo Pinheiro told Reuters on Monday that one F1 team had already booked the 4.7 km track in the south of Portugal for a test next
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