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Croatia is a beautiful country for holiday discovery.

Zagreb - Zagreb is a capital of Croatia. It lies on the crossroads of important routes between the Adriatic coast and Central Europe.Zagreb has rich historical and cultural heritage that has roots in Central European urban culture, enriched by Mediterrean & Balkan traditions.

Split - Split is the main city in Dalmatia. Split is the one of the largest cites in Croatia, and is the largest city on the Croatia Adriatic coast. The city was first settled when, at the end of the third century AD, the Roman Emperor Diocletian built his palace on the site of today’s Split. Diocletian's Palace is well preserved Roman palace located now in the very heart of Split.. read more about Split

Dubrovnik - Dubrovnik is city rich with culture and history so it is listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. Dubrovnik old town was built in the 13th century and remains almost untouched to the present day. Tall walls surround Dubrovnik Old Town.Dubrovnik has a rich cultural life that includes Dubrovnik theatre, several cinemas as well as Dubrovnik Film Festival and Summer Festival.

Rijeka - Rijeka is major croatian port. It is located in the very heart of Kvarner Gulf. Because of it's location, Rijeka is a crossroads of land and sea routes connected with the rest of the world by air, bus, train and ship lines... read more about Rijeka

Pula - Pula (“Pola” in Italian) is the largest city in Istria, western Croatia, located on southern tip of the Istrian peninsula. Pula was once an Austro-Hungarian Empire major naval base. Nowadays, it is an important Croatian port and an industrial centre being something in between a busy working port and active Istrian Riviera town.

Zadar - Zadar is a Croatian city located between Rijeka and Split, not far away from Sibenik. It is a few thousand years old town and it was the capital of Dalmatia for many centuries. The Zadar peninsula still preserves very old network of narrow and charming city streets, as well as a Roman forum dating back to the first century AD.

Trogir - Trogir is atractive place, set on a small island less than an hour from Split, is one of the most seductive towns on the Dalmatian coast. Its weathered Romanesque and Venetian-Gothic palaces, churches and monasteries fanning from its antique square have put Trogir on the Unesco list of world heritage sites.

Sibenik - Sibenik is city located on the croatian coast some 80 km north of Split. As it is positioned in the deep bay, it is one of the most naturally protected harbours on the Adriatic coast. Sibenik is the city less known to tourist than Dubrovnik and Split, although it has it's own personality and some great things to see and enjoy.

Osijek - Osijek is the largest city in the east of Croatia and is economic and cultural centre of Slavonia ; a region of Eastern Croatia. Osijek is river port too; located on the right bank of the Drava River, about 25km upstream from its join with Danube River.

Sinj - Sinj is a croatian town located about 30 km north of Split. Sinj has rich cultural heritage that includes Sinjka Alka and a celebration of Our Lady of Sinj locally called Sinjska Gospa. Sinjska Gospa is allegedly miraculous image of the Virgin Mary, hanged in the local church, Virgin that helped local population to defend against the Ottoman Turks back in 1715.

Motovun - Small town in central / continental Istria located on the hill above pastoral Mirna River valley with views around Istrian hills and all the way to Adriatic Sea. It become very trendy as it hosts every summer Motovun Film festival.

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